[EN] What Would Google Do?

[EN] What Would Google Do?

Autor: Jeff Jarvis

Rok wydania: 2009
Wydawnictwo: Harper

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In a book that’s one part prophecy, one part thought experiment, one part manifesto, and one part survival manual, internet impresario and blogging pioneer Jeff Jarvis reverse-engineers Google, the fastest-growing company in history, to discover forty clear and straightforward rules to manage and live by. At the same time, he illuminates the new worldview of the internet generation: how it challenges and destroys—but also opens up—vast new opportunities. His findings are counterintuitive, imaginative, practical, and above all visionary, giving readers a glimpse of how everyone and everything—from corporations to governments, nations to individuals—must evolve in the Google era.

What Would Google Do? is an astonishing, mind-opening book that, in the end, is not about Google. It’s about you.


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